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Get ‘perfect poached eggs’ with easy parcel technique – and no vinegar

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There’s nothing worse than a poorly-cooked poached egg that’s completely lost its round shape, particularly when you try your best to crack it perfectly into the boiling water. While many people claim that white vinegar is the best remedy for those struggling to master this cooking technique, one self-made chef has another way of doing it. In a recent video on her TikTok profile, the London-based food enthusiast revealed that she uses cling film for perfectly poached eggs.

Whether you’re serving them on toast, to top another dish or completely on their own, poached eggs need to be well cooked to ensure they are both safe and enjoyable to eat.

Allowing wispy whites to occur in the water can result in a rubbery texture with an underdone yolk while cooking them for too long can leave you with boiled, rather than gently poached results.

Fortunately, TikTok content creator @georgiehalfacree has a clever hack to ensure neither of these happens while poaching eggs, and all you need is cling film.

While it’s more commonly used to store ingredients after cooking, the food enthusiast revealed its impressive results when used to encase the raw yolk and whites.

In the video on her profile, Georgie said: “If you guys struggle with poached eggs I am going to show you the best little hack to make them perfect every single time.”

She explained that you need a small rounded ramekin and a pan of boiling water set over medium to low heat on the hob to get started.

Of course, food-safe cling film is another essential tool for this cooking method and should be used to line the clean ramekin.

After tearing off a large square sheet of plastic film, the cooking lover explained: “Push the cling film down into the ramekin and put in a tiny little bit of olive oil.”

The cling film should be placed over the ramekin with just the centre pushed into the deep, rounded section to create a well.

Once you have added the olive oil, the TikTok star recommended using a pastry brush to spread it around the film-lined ramekin.

Georgie said: “Then you just want to crack your egg directly into the ramekin. And then what you want to do is pick up all the corners of the cling film.

“Get the air out a little bit and push the egg down to the bottom and then tie a little knot in the cling film.”

By this point, the yolk and whites should be settled at the bottom of the film parcel with a secure knot at the top to contain the egg.

You should only crack one egg into the ramekin at a time for even cooking though you can do this with multiple eggs at once in their own cling film wrapping.

Once your eggs are secure, start simmering your boiling water on the hob if you haven’t already and carefully drop the film parcels into the pan.

Georgie recommended cooking them for about three minutes.

The eggs should cook similarly to how they would if you used plastic egg poachers which maintain a perfectly domed shape while they heat up.

Georgie explained that once done, you can lift the cling-filmed packages out of the pan using a large spoon before unveiling the runny yet firm results.

She said: “All you need to do is remove the cling film. And there you go, that’s how you make the perfect poached eggs.”

To cut the film open without slicing the eggs, the TikTok food expert recommended using a knife or scissors to carefully untie the knot and peel the film down.

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