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Forget Waffles, KFC Is Testing Chicken and Donuts

KFC Chicken and Donuts

Fried chicken and waffles have long been known as a heavenly mix of savory and sweet. But for those who don't mind kicking the starchy sweetness up a notch, there is another option: fried chicken and donuts. Sure, it's not as common of a combination, but it's landed on Kentucky Fried Chicken's radar. And now, the chain that only introduced waffles for the first time less than a year ago, has decided to give chicken and donuts a test run in two areas.

KFC chicken and donuts combinations can be ordered "hot and fresh, no matter the time of day," in two ways. First, for those who prefer to parse out their mix of sweet and savory on their own terms, customers can order a Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donut Basket meal: It includes chicken on the bone or chicken tenders, paired with one donut on the side for $5.49 or two donuts for $7.49.

KFC Chicken and Donuts

However, if you like everything in one messy handheld package, you'll probably want option two: The Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts Sandwich offers an Extra Crispy chicken filet sandwiched between two fully glazed donuts for $5.99 or as a combo meal for $7.99. Yes, to reiterate that for clarity's sake, the chicken is between two full donuts, not one sliced-in-half donut. It's the carb-filled delight KFC Double Down fans have been waiting for.

Also, if you just want a donut, no questions asked, you can add one to any meal for $1.

These new test items can be found at 21 KFC locations around the Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia, area or at 21 locations around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The chain didn't specifically say why they chose these cities for the test; however, they did write, "The Chicken & Donuts trend has been gaining popularity, but mostly on a local level in areas like Philadelphia, San Diego and Portland." Apparently, KFC didn't want Norfolk, Richmond, and Pittsburgh to miss out on the fun.

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