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Food storage hack can extend the life of ‘greens going bad’ up to two days longer

TikToker's hack to help keep food fresh for weeks

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Food storage hacks have been all the rage on social media, with users of Reddit and TikTok sharing their top tips to help people extend the shelf life of snacks and produce. Leafy greens are a great addition to the weekly shop, providing vital nutrients for a healthy diet, however, they can go bad at a rapid pace.

This is especially true if the vegetables are not stored correctly. However, there are some ways you can go the extra mile and potentially even extend their shelf life by up to “two days”.

Posting to a Reddit forum titled “You Should Know”, a user called BeanieB said the key to leafy greens is to wash them, but ensure they are dry when being stored.

The user said the hack can work for the likes of spinach, lettuce and kale.

They explained: “Wash leaves, dry with a salad spinner or shake thoroughly. Lay out a layer of paper towels and put the greens on the paper towels in roughly a single layer.

“A little overlap is okay but three layers of leaves can cause the middle ones to decay.

“If you run out of room, put another layer of paper towels on top, so that paper towels are between each layer of greens.

“When you’re all done, roll it and stick the roll into a plastic grocery bag and loosely tie.

“The paper towels help absorb the excess moisture, keeping the greens from rotting early, but also hold enough moisture in there that they stay crisp.

“You can also use this tactic to perk up wilted greens that have been sitting in the fridge too long.”

Food experts from 21 Oak added: “This method even works on greens that are on the verge of going bad, extending their fridge life for a day or two longer.”

Previously, an Instagram user named Carleigh Bodrug shared her top tips to keep lettuce crunchy for longer.

Posting under the username @plantyou, she explained how to store lettuce in a mason jar.

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She said this can “keep your lettuce fresh for up to one month”.

To begin, the influencer recommended chopping the lettuce finely.

She added: “It is best to use your hands or a plastic knife for this to prevent browning.”

Next wash and dry the leafy vegetable using a salad spinner, before transferring it into a clean, glass container.

She said: “Add a paper towel or cloth on top and change this out every other day.”

Then, simply store the lettuce in the fridge, but watch out for signs of spoilage like slime or smell.

Carleigh added: “Your lettuce should be crisp and odourless.”

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