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Eggs recipe: How long to cook dippy eggs

Eggs have become a valuable resource in the coronavirus world, as the pandemic has led thousands of people in the UK to resort to panic buying. The Government insists there is enough food to go around, and continuing panic threatens to leave vulnerable people facing the possibility of going without basic necessities.

How long do you need to cook dippy eggs?

Those who have secured a carton of eggs now need to decide what they do with them.

Eggs are a versatile food with hundreds of usages but many people are partial to one time-honoured method: dippy eggs.

To achieve the perfect dippy egg, cooks need to apply a dab hand, as slightly mistiming the process could lead to disappointment.


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How to cook the perfect dippy egg:

  1. Add at least two inches of water to a pan and bring it to simmer.
  2. Add two eggs and simmer for three minutes out of the fridge, or two at room temperature.
  3. Cover the pan and leave it for another two minutes.

While five to six minutes is necessary for the perfect dippy egg, other timings will provide similarly tasty eggs with a different consistency.

The following timings will create the following type of boiled egg:

  • Soft boiled but solid: Eight minutes
  • Creamy hard-boiled: 10 minutes
  • Hard-boiled: 14 minutes

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Naturally, no dippy egg is complete without one vital component: soldiers.

Most people will go for classic strips of wholemeal bread.

However, people can add their own flair to the dish with extra ingredients or even a toast substitute.

One way to liven up eggs and soldiers is by frying the bread, best done using butter in a pan.

Other people have found asparagus wrapped in prosciutto is a suitable substitute for bread.

BBC Good food suggests these also go well with a dippy egg:

  • Cream cheese and smoked salmon soldiers
  • Rarebit toasts
  • Pigs in blankets
  • Candied bacon
  • Chorizo soldiers sandwiches
  • Mini Croque monsieurs

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