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Dunkin' Just Brought Back Cosmic Coolattas to Honor the Moon Landing's 50th Anniversary

Dunkin’s beloved Cosmic Coolattas are back just in time for summer—and this year, the chain is honoring a significant event in American history.

“Spacing out has never been so cool, as Dunkin’s Cosmic Coolatta frozen beverages bring a constellation of colors to each cup,” according to a press release. “The perfect drink for summer stargazing or a celebration of the Moon Landing’s 50th anniversary, each Cosmic Coolatta brings together two Coolatta flavors, specially layered to create a brightly colored galactic look.”

The new Cosmic Grape Coolatta layers grape and blue raspberry slushies. The returning Cosmic Pineapple mixes pineapple and blue raspberry flavors, while the Cosmic Strawberry Coolatta mixes strawberry and blue raspberry flavors.

But that’s not all! Dunkin’ is also offering a limited-edition Shooting Star Donut—a star-shaped donut that features white icing topped with blue raspberry-flavored popping candy clusters—and three new ice cream-inspired Baskin Robbins iced coffees:

  • Banana Split: Banana flavor with hints of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice creams.
  • Pistachio Almond Fudge: Pistachio and almond flavors with a chocolatey fudge finish.
  • Butter Pecan: Butter roasted pecan and sweet cream flavors.

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