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Double-Fried Chicken Wings

Photo by Bao Minh Nguyen

I know I’m the stupid one out there, but when I finally realized that flavored chicken wings were just fried wings that were tossed in a sauce of your choice, I was BLOWN AWAY! I don’t know how I thought wings were flavored before, but I’m also a man-child and learning about anything new blows…my…MIND!

2–4 servings


    • 1 pound chicken wings (see note)
    • Kosher salt and black pepper
    • 1 cup all-purpose flour
    • 1 cup cornstarch


    1. Season chicken wings with equal parts salt and pepper—just enough to lightly coat the wings, then rub gently into wings.
    2. Mix flour and cornstarch in a mixing bowl. Dredge each wing in the mix until there’s NO visible moisture on each wing. Shake off excess, then set aside on a plate or rack.
    3. Pour 2 inches of oil in a pot, or enough to submerge the wings. (If you’re frying up whole wings—where the drumette, the wingette, and the tip haven’t been cut apart—pour in 3 inches.)
    4. Over high heat, heat the oil to 350°F. Par(tially)-fry the wings for 10 minutes, then remove from pot, and shake off any excess oil. The par-fry cooks the chicken completely through, sealing in the flavor, while starting to form the outside crispy layer.
    5. Set wings on a paper towel–lined plate or rack for 5 minutes, or until they cool to room temperature. This prevents the meat from overcooking, while keeping in its moisture.
    6. OPTIONAL: You can store the par-fried wings in the fridge and do the second wing fry the next day. Just be sure the wings are at room temperature when you fry them.
    7. Once the wings cool down, reheat the oil to 350°F and fry them a second time for 10 more minutes. The second fry crisps the wings to the point of delicious crunchiness. Remove wings, then shake off excess oil. Brush on or toss wings in a bowl with your favorite sauce. Or, if you just want the purest form of savory, crunchy wings around, eat ’em as is, which I often do as a “taste test.”

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