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Decorate Your Table with These Colorful Easter Snack Cakes

Even if your kitchen is decked out with stuffed Easter baskets and dozens of brightly-colored eggs, your table display won’t be complete without a batch of chewy, buttery, and adorable Easter Snack Cakes. Cute as they may be, the rich flavor is what will have you coming back to this recipe for Easters to come.

The best part about these snack cakes is they don’t require multiple layers and gobs of frosting. Therefore, they’re the easiest kind of cake you can make. Snack cakes are also better for large get togethers because they’re easy to grab right off the dessert table (and eat with your hands).

With a white chocolate drizzle on top and pretty pastel candies nestled inside, these bars are dressed perfectly for the occasion. Prep and hands-on time are minimal, but you might want to make this a Saturday project (with the kids!) to ensure they’re cooled, cut, and ready to devour by Sunday morning.

While you do make these snack cakes from scratch, they’re just as easy to prepare as a boxed mix. Grab your favorite Easter candies while they’re in stores, and stock up on your favorite colorful sprinkles. The rest of the ingredients might just already be in your pantry. You’ll just need a whisk and a spatula to combine the ingredients—no beaters or stand mixer required.

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This recipe calls for melted butter, so you won’t need to wait for the butter to soften as you do with typical cakes. Just make sure the butter cools back to room temperature before mixing with other ingredients. Cook the snack cakes halfway before topping with even more egg-shaped candies. That way, they’ll be visible and won’t cook long enough to melt completely.

Finish the bars off with a drizzle of melted chocolate from a zip-top bag, but feel free to get creative with your piping design. Icing swirls or flowers will add even more fun to the whimsical presentation.

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