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‘Crisp’ and ‘fluffy’: Jamie Oliver shares easy recipe for ‘amazing’ Yorkshire puddings

Jamie Oliver shows how to make perfectly sized Yorkshire puddings

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Jamie Oliver is a British chef who often shares his cooking tricks and tips with fans. Luckily for foodies who want to enjoy the perfect roast dinner today, Jamie has shared his best Yorkshire pudding recipe.

Calling the recipe “Amazing Yorkies”, Jamie described his Yorkshire puddings as “perfectly golden and crisp”.

The Yorkies take only 30 minutes to make and they are “not too tricky”, according to Jamie.

He added: “The absolute classic recipe for crisp and fluffy Yorkshire puddings.”

The Yorkshire puddings are vegetarian and serve 12 people.


Vegetable oil

Two large free-range eggs

Plain flour (100g)

Milk (100ml)


Preheat the oven to 225°C/425°F/gas mark number nine.

Get yourself a cupcake tin and add a tiny splash of vegetable oil into each of the 12 compartments.

Pop into the oven for 10 to 15 minutes so the oil gets really hot.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs, flour, milk and a pinch of salt and pepper together in a jug until light and smooth.

Carefully remove the tray from the oven, then confidently pour the batter evenly into the compartments.

Pop the tray back in the oven to cook for 12 to 15 minutes, or until risen and golden.

To accompany Yorkshire puddings, gravy is needed.

Serving eight people, Jamie has shared a recipe perfect for vegetarian eaters.


One leek

One carrot

One stick of celery

One onion

One veg stock cube

Dried porcini mushrooms (10g)

One bunch of rosemary (20g)

Unsalted butter (15g)


Trim and wash the leek, carrot and celery, peel the onion, then roughly chop it all and place in a large non-stick pan on a medium-high heat.

Dry-fry for 15 minutes, or until softened and dark golden, stirring regularly and adding splashes of water to prevent it sticking, if needed.

Meanwhile, crumble the stock cube into a jug with the porcini and rosemary, then cover with 500ml of boiling kettle water and leave aside to infuse.

Stir the butter, chestnuts and paprika into the pan.

Cook for five minutes, then add the wine, balsamic and jelly.

Let the liquid cook away, cool slightly, then tip the contents of the pan into a blender.

Pour in the porcini and the stock, discarding just the last gritty bit and the rosemary, add 500ml of water and blitz until very smooth – in batches, if needed.

Season to perfection, tasting and tweaking, then cool, cover and refrigerate for up to four days.

To serve, simply reheat the gravy in a pan, or, for bonus flavour, use your tray of roasting juices from your mixed roast, loosening with splashes of water, if needed.

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