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Cookies & Creme Twix Are Coming Back (and We Tried Them)

Cookies & Creme Twix Are Coming Back (and We Tried Them)

'90s kids are being asked to remember a lot these days, thanks to a wave of pop culture nostalgia (after all, even Friends is 25 years old this fall). While some brands are trying to capitalize on throwbacks, others are quietly re-upping classic products. Take, for example, the latest iteration of Twix, which, if you were alive 30 years ago, may seem familiar: Cookies & Creme.

For the most part, Twix Cookies & Creme is your standard Twix bar: two cookie sticks with a layer of filling and coated in milk chocolate. But instead of caramel and shortbread-ish cookie as in an original Twix, Cookies & Creme contains a chocolate cookie wafer and a creme filling with bits of chocolate cookie dotted throughout. Basically, if your favorite part of cookies-and-creme anything is the cookies, this is the candy bar for you. However, it's not as "& Creme"-forward as the Hershey's bar of the same flavor (also a '90s classic), and the milk chocolate coating makes the presence of chocolate (as opposed to the cocoa in the cookies) unmistakeable, so C&C purists should take note.

"The past Cookies & Creme bar had a limited run in the '90s. Fans have been vocal about their love for that product, and we think they’re going to love the new Twix Cookies & Creme even more," a Mars Inc. spokesperson told Food & Wine via email.

In addition to peanut butter and dark chocolate variations of its classic cookie and caramel bar, Twix has previously released a Triple Chocolate variety that also included a chocolate cookie, plus chocolate-flavored caramel (in addition to the milk chocolate coating, of course, hence the “triple”), so a chocolate cookie isn't unprecedented — but hey, as "only '90s kids will remember," neither is Twix Cookies & Creme to begin with!

Cookies & Creme Twix Are Coming Back (and We Tried Them) twix-cookies-creme-bar-FT-BLOG0819

Twix Cookies & Creme are scheduled to hit stores in January of 2020 and will be available in three sizes: 1.41-ounce Single packs (that's the two-bar kind), 2.87-ounce Share packs, and 8.7-ounce Sharing Size Stand Up Pouches (individually-wrapped mini-bars). Mars, Inc. says the product is a permanent addition to the Twix lineup.

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