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Cook perfect fried eggs with Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay and Vic Reeves CLASH over a fried egg

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Gordon Ramsay is a chef who needs no introduction. The Kitchen Nightmares presenter is known for his tasty recipes and colourful delivery.

The chef is using his TikTok account @gordonramsayofficial to educate others on how to cook food, as well as taking the opportunity to critique the work of other chefs.

He recently demonstrated how he makes fried egg, using butter cleverly to finish off the dish perfectly.

The British chef showed the whole cooking process from start to finish to his 34.8M followers.

How to make Gordon Ramsay’s fried eggs

“Start off with a little bit of olive oil,” Gordon said. Then, take it off the heat.

Gordon cracked the eggs on his chopping board before opening them into a pan.

The chef advised followers to add “a touch of salt, a touch of pepper, bring up the heat and let it cook nice and slowly.”

Gordon used butter cleverly to make sure his eggs are cooked.

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Once the eggs were cooked about halfway through, Gordon added butter around the sides of the pan.

He said: “Just get that little bit of butter on the side, you’ll see that frothing up. Literally, getting that nice yolk beautifully cooked.

“As that butter starts to froth,” Gordon explained, “it cooks the top of the egg. It’s a really nice way of finishing it.”

Gordon puts his eggs on roast beef and rice, adding spring onions and chili. But these eggs would be just as delicious on toast and avocado.

If it’s not fried eggs you are after, one content creator claimed to have found the method to make perfect poached eggs after testing out 10 different recipes. 

Winner of Netflix’s Crazy Delicious, Samira Kazan said: “I tried more than 10 methods to make the perfect poached eggs and this is the most stable one.”

The chef used a small temperature-safe cup to cook the eggs in the water.

She explained: “I dropped just a small cup so the eggs don’t go everywhere, like what normally happens when eggs aren’t coming immediately from the chicken.”

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