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Coca-Cola Will Give You $10,000 to Create a New Drink Flavor

When you look at one of Coca-Cola’s touch screen Freestyle drink machines, do you see merely a soda vessel—or a challenge? If you consider yourself a bona fide Coke mixologist, this contest is for you:

Coca-Cola is inviting fans to send in their favorite soda combinations for a chance to win $10,000. To enter, all you have to do is find one of the company’s 5,000 Freestyle drink machines (here’s a list of locations throughout the U.S.) and start mixing. Each machine offers 165 drink options, from plain ol’ Coke to Fruit Punch Fanta. The sky’s pretty much the limit. Well, kind of—you can’t use more than three drinks in a single recipe.

But still, that’s a lotta options.

Upload a photo of your mix (or a photo of something that inspired the mix) to Instagram or Twitter using #MakeYourMixContest between now and June 30. Make sure to include a recipe and a description of what your drink tastes like. Each participant can enter up to 10 times, so feel free to experiment with multiple mixes.

The contest was inspired by something customers were already doing, Sarah Greenberg Sachs, director of Coca-Cola Freestyle marketing, told CNBC Make It.


Looking for a taste of fame? Share your mix with #MakeYourMixContest to enter for a chance to win $10,000 and have it featured on Coca-Cola Freestyle machines nationwide. Rules: Coke.Com/MakeYourMix

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“We just really wanted to reward consumers for doing something that they’re already doing, being creative, experimenting and mixing the brands they love,” said Greenberg Sachs.

The best part? When finalists are announced (between July 15 and August 25), the drinks will be released in Freestyle machines nationwide. Fans can vote on their favorite mixes starting August 26 and the winner will be announced on November 10.

“It’s like American Idol, where the public gets to choose,” Greenberg Sachs said. “The beverage experts will choose the finalists and then the country will chose the winner.”

The person with the winning recipe will get $10,000, and five finalists will walk away with $100 each.

Happy mixing!

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