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Clever hack to make ‘perfectly crispy’ bacon in the air fyer

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The air fryer can pretty much cook anything – but one controversial food placed in the machine is bacon. Some love it air fried, others prefer traditional methods of cooking it. Either way, here’s how to make bacon in the air fryer, and if you like that, why not try twisted bacon? 

@.tarynshank shared her method of making crispy bacon in the air fryer. 

She said: “How to make air fryer bacon that makes no mess and takes less than 10 minutes and turns out perfectly bacon. 

“Grab some bacon and preheat your air fryer then add 1/4 cup of water to the bottom of the basket to prevent smoking. 

“Layer the bacon in the bottom of the air fryer.

“Set the temperature at 180-190 degrees Celsius for eight to 10 minutes – it just depends how crispy you like your bacon. 

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“I did it for 180 for eight minutes and it turned out absolutely perfect,” she remarked. “It’s so easy and no mess – you’ve got to try it!” 

Some air fryers come with a detachable metal rack that sits inside the machine, on top of the basket. 

This is ideal for bacon to allow air to circulate on all sides so maximum crispiness is achieved. 

@airfry_jen tried it out and shared the results with her TikTok following. 

Bacon on the rack was “slightly crispier on both sides”, compared to placing it straight onto the basket. 

While millions are using their air fryer to cook bacon, many more are trying out the viral “twisted” bacon. 

@jzeats shared her step-by-step guide to making it. 

Before placing the bacon in the air fryer, she twisted each piece of bacon tightly. 

“I used thick cut bacon but thin cut works better,” she noted. 

Next, she lifted up the air fryer basket and placed a slice of white bread underneath to “absorb the grease”. 

@jzeats Air fryer bacon twists make a perfectly crunchy and salty snack #airfryerbacon #bacontwist #twistedbacon #NightDoneRight #foryou ♬ happier – Olivia Rodrigo

After pre-heating the air fryer, she arranged the bacon “in a single layer”. 

“It’s ok if it isn’t perfectly straight,” she noted because the bacon will shrink slightly. 

The bacon was air fried for 10-12 minutes at 180-190 degrees Celcius. 

“Place the bacon on a paper towel to cool, it will get even crispier as it cools,” @jzeats commented. 

Fans loved the idea of placing a slice of bread on the bottom. 

Ashley Jenkins commented: “The bread at the bottom!!! Genius!!!!” @jzeats replied: “It’s such a good hack! Keeps the grease from flying around. Sometimes I add two pieces and if you don’t want to waste it you can make it into croutons.” 

She was also asked whether she flips the bacon to ensure even cooking. 

@jzeats explained: “No flip necessary but if you notice any uneven cooking when you check on them you can give them a flip.” 

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