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Chef shares Prince William’s ‘favourite’ cottage pie recipe – ‘really good’

Prince William: Expert says cottage pie was Duke's 'favourite'

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The Royal Family have access to decadent meals created by some of the best chefs, including British stapes like cottage pie. In the BBC show Royal Recipes, chefs recreate some of the Royal Family’s favourite meals. Members of the Royal Family each have their favourite recipes, from the Queen’s favourite dessert, a lemon posset, to Prince William’s favourite meal, a cottage pie.

Speaking on BBC’s Royal Recipes, an expert shared the cottage pie recipe believed to be loved by Prince William, 39.

To make this cottage pie, you will need the following ingredients: beef mince, carrots, an onion, a leek, some celery, garlic, thyme, mushrooms, ketchup, flour, beef stock, potatoes, and Berkswell cheese.

Appearing on the show, chef Paul Ainsworth shared a recipe for a cottage pie, a meal reportedly loved by Prince William when he was a child.

Presenter Michael Buerk said: “That was supposed to be Prince William’s favourite, or at least was as a child.”


To prepare the base, chop up some carrots, onion, leek and celery, and place in a large ovenproof pan.

The chef stated: “We’ve got some garlic in there grated and we’re just going to add some thyme as well.

“We’re going to add a little pinch of cracked black pepper and seasoning.

“Next we have our mushroom ketchup, a nice glug of that then we turn up the heat and reduce that down.

“While that’s reducing, something that’s really old-fashioned is browning the flour.”

Paul explained chefs can even toast the flour before adding to the vegetables in the pan.

Next, the chef said to add in browned beef mince, roasted down to render off the fat.

After the mince has been combined with the vegetables, Paul added beef stock.

Paul said: “Go easy – don’t drown it, just cover it because we want it to thicken nicely and the lovely flavour to come through.”

The chef advised to check the mixture for seasoning before covering the pan with a lid and putting it in the oven.

Once removed from the oven, Paul transferred the mixture into a baking pot and covered with mashed potato before smoothing with a fork.

The chef added: “Use a potato like a Désirée or King Edward’s potato.

“Just use a really good mash potato.”

Paul finished the dish by covering in Berkswell cheese before returning it to the oven.

You should leave the pie in the oven for around 30 minutes at 180C before finishing under the grill.

Royal fans who wish to emulate this dish could finish off the meal by topping with more cheese to serve.

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