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Cheez-Its Will Soon Get Even Cheesier


Cheez-Its are the quintessential example of a snack that lets you know pretty much exactly what you’re getting into. It is a thing with “Cheez” on it. But what if that level of cheese simply isn’t enough anymore? What if normal Cheez-Its leave you wanting? If that’s the case, well, consider today your lucky day. 

Why? Because Cheez-Its has broken on through to the other side, with the creation of “Extra Cheesy Cheez-Its”. First spotted at the 2019 edition of the National Association of Convenience Stores trade expo, these Kellogg’s brand crackers are sure to be a hit with the cheese/Cheez fiends in your life. 


With the success of Extra Toasty Cheez-Its, Kellogg's is introducing new Extra Cheesy Cheez-Its this December!

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Based on the sound of @Candyhunting’s caption, this is sort of a spiritual successor to Extra Toasty Cheez-Its, which, if anything, might have made things feel less cheesy. Rest assured, there will be enough cheese in this batch to satisfy even the fiercest cravings for cheddar. 

Furthermore, this Extra Cheesy iteration seems to cap off a year of innovation and collaboration for the Kellogg’s cracker brand. That’s evidenced by the ingenious Cheez-It/boxed wine combo, not to mention the incredibly cheese Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza developed in partnership with Pizza Hut. 

As with other notable product introductions to come out of the NACS trade show, concrete details are scarce. But if @Candyhunting’s hunch is correct, these should be hitting store shelves in December, just in time for you to offer them as an acceptable substitute to a normal cheese plate at your holiday party. May it help all of your cheesy cracker dreams come true. 

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