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Burger King Is Releasing the First Impossible Breakfast Sandwich Nationwide


If a fast food company introduces fake meat into its breakfast sandwich but nobody’s around to order it, does the announcement make an impact? We’re about to find out.

That’s because Burger King just announced that the Impossible Croissan’wich will be available as part of its breakfast menu nationwide for a limited time. The move follows a limited test back in January (back in the innocent days when we only had to worry about going to war with Iran), and follows on the heels of Burger King’s introduction of the Impossible Whopper to its non-breakfast menu last year. While Dunkin’ has had a Beyond sausage breakfast sandwich on their menu for a little while, this marks the first time that its biggest rival in the fake meat space has made a nationwide appearance on breakfast menus.

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No matter what kind of plant-based meat you do or don’t put on your sandwich, it hasn’t been a great time for fast food breakfast. With Covid-19 keeping people at home and cancelling millions of morning commutes (maybe forever, in some instances), interest in a greasy fast food breakfast just isn’t what it used to be. That’s led some chains like Taco Bell to trim their AM hours amid slumping breakfast demand. Even coffee-selling stalwarts like Starbucks haven’t made it through unscathed. 


While Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International was among the first big chains to reopen its dining rooms (with limited capacity and other precautions in place), it remains to be seen if a rival to Dunkin’s plant-based sandwich will get customers who are afraid of meat but not Covid-19 through their doors.  Perhaps their plan to give away 100,000 Impossible Crossain’Wiches with any mobile app purchase of at least $1 can do the trick. 


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