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Breakfast Just Got Way Better Thanks To Costco's Birthday Cake Granola


Between social distancing recommendations and shelter in place requirements forcing many to stay inside as much as possible, the rules for when, how, and what we eat each day have pretty much gone out the window already. While there are plenty of reasons to freak out about the Coronavirus situation, you have to find the silver linings where you can. Eating pretty much whatever you want, whenever you want, is definitely one of them.And oh boy is there a recently spotted Costco item that can help you live your best shelter in place life. Based on recent evidence from Costco-addicted Instagram account @CostcoBuys, you can now add birthday cake-flavored granola to your pandemic panic shopping list.


OMG! 😍 I finally spotted this @safeandfair birthday cake granola at my Costco! I’ve seen you guys sharing this with me, so I’m SUPER excited to finally try! Have you guys tried this? 🤔 ($8.49, item no. 1351654)

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According to a product description from Safe + Fair’s website, this is “birthday cake in a bag, so you can snack anywhere.” In addition to more typical granola ingredients like oats and brown rice, you’ll find “natural color sprinkles” (made from cane sugar and other ingredients), as well as “vanilla flavor” and a pinch of sea salt to really make you feel like you’re eating a slightly healthier version of a vanilla birthday cake. In case you’re concerned about this sort of thing, the granola is also nut free, gluten free, and vegan.

The comments on @CostcoBuys’ post suggests that plenty of people are excited to try this. And why wouldn’t they be? There’s never been a better time to stock up on some of the more unique forms of granola (which is pretty shelf-stable) and just dig in. 

If you’re on the fence, you should also know that 3 percent of Safe + Fair’s proceeds go to the Sean. N Parker (i.e. the Napster guy)  Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford. There are arguably some more important causes to support at a moment like this, but hey, it can’t hurt.

So if you’re a sad Pisces or Aries bummed out about putting your birthday party on hold, maybe stock up on this granola, host a video conference party and make the best of it. At least it’s theoretically healthier and more shelf-stable than an actual birthday cake.


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