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Applebee’s Is Selling a $1 Tropical Vampire Drink This Month

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Applebee’s, the anchor tenant in many a fine, American strip mall, wants you to drink for cheap. That’s been their shtick for a while now, offering a plethora of dollar cocktails that rotate by the month. Sometimes those drinks are fairly straightforward; sometimes there’s a shark involved. But at no point has that dollar drink been quite as spooky as it is right now.

For the whole haunted month of October, you can bop on down to your local ‘Bees and chug a “Vampire.” What’s that? It’s a potent mix of rum, dragonfruit, passionfruit, pineapple, and strawberry. The ingredient list makes it sound like something you’d drink on a beach, which doesn’t really make sense given that 1. Vampires notoriously shun the sunlight and 2. October is the first full month of fall, a time when people aren’t exactly craving tropical flavors. Oh, and on top of that, the drink, which takes its name from a fictional creature that wants to suck your blood, is not red but purple. Feels like a real missed opportunity!


The #DollarVampire is here for October. It comes with rum, dragon fruit, passion fruit, strawberry and fun fangs.

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To Applebee’s credit, there’s one major additional accoutrement that ties this tropical beverage back to its vampiric theme. I’m talking, of course, about the set of fangs that float atop the cocktail, possibly purchased in bulk from Party City. They may not be as edible as the cherry they seem poised to chomp on, but you can bet after slamming a few of these things you’ll be ready to do the most obnoxious vampire impersonation possible.

If you want to get some booze in your system on the cheap this spooky season, Applebee’s, as always, has you covered. We don’t know if Nosferatu was a rum drinker, but as long as you don’t look a cheap Vampire gift horse in the fangs, you’re in for a monster mash of a good time.  

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