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ALDI burger tastes ‘literally like McDonald’s’ – recipe

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TikTok foodie Bec Hardgrave says she has found a way to replicate McDonald’s famous Quarter Pounder burger at home on a budget. The fitness and lifestyle influencer showed her audience of 116.5K followers how to make their own take on the fast food favourite using ingredients all purchased from ALDI.

She explained that the recipe finally came together when she happened upon some brioche buns at the supermarket. In the video, Bec explained: “So I found these brioche buns in ALDI and they taste literally like McDonald’s.”

She said: “Get 100g of lean beef mince, press it down with a plate to make it flat, add your smokey cheddar cheese, melt it, add burger sauce, lettuce, raw onions, pickles and build your burger.”

In a comment beneath the video, Bec added: “I forgot to mention salt and pepper in the patty.” Aldi’s four-pack of Specially Selected Sliced Brioche Burger Buns is available for 99p.

@bechardgrave #answer to @Jasmine and it got a lot of hate because I forgot to mention salt and pepper in the patty! ������ #imlovinit #maccas #fyp #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – Bec Hardgrave

Not only does the burger taste just like a McDonald’s, Bec also says it is a healthier alternative to the fast food restaurant. “It’s 420 calories and over 30g of protein,” she said. “I’m loving it.”

By comparison, a Quarter Pounder burger with cheese from McDonald’s contains ingredients 507 calories. However, one key difference between the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder and Bec’s homemade option is her choice of sauce. A McDonald’s Quarter Pounder is topped with a dollop of mustard and ketchup, while Bec opted for a burger sauce, which is more typically found on a Big Mac.

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Viewers were quick to comment on the video sharing their take on the recipe. A follower named Abbey Johnston said: “Those burger buns look so yum.”

Another commenter, named Kels, added that the homemade recipe would reduce how much oil the food is cooked in compared with a restaurant-bought burger.

She also added some fitness perks of the burger, due to its high levels of protein compared with its calorie content.

Kels explained: “The macro in this burger [are] better and the burgers at McDonald’s are processed with oil, etcetera.”

However, commenter Jess felt the burger looked too “small” compared with the McDonald’s version.

How much does it cost to make the ALDI McDonald’s burger at home?

  • Aldi’s four-pack of Specially Selected Sliced Brioche Burger Buns – 99p
  • Aldi British Lean Beef Steak Mince (5 percent fat) 750g – £4.29
  • Just Good Sauce Co. Chunky Burger Sauce Fully Loaded 250ml – 75p
  • Emporium Speciality Cheese Smoked Cheddar 200g – £1.79
  • Nature’s Pick Extra Large Onions 3 Pack – £1.39
  • Nature’s Pick Iceberg Lettuce – 60p
  • The Deli Pickled Gherkins 680g (370g Drained)- 95p

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