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A full English and Champagne: What Royal mums including Kate may eat after giving birth

Kate Middleton cradles Prince Louis outside Lindo Wing in 2018

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Princess Eugenie and Meghan Markle both gave birth to their firstborns at the Portland Hospital in central London, another hospital that offers luxury care. Royal mothers are given the best midwifery care when they give birth in maternity suites that have five stars in terms of luxury.

Within the Portland Hospital where Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie gave birth, there are huge four-poster suites to ensure the best care is provided.

Moreover, in the famous Lindo Wing at St Mary’s where Kate Middleton welcomed Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, there is a lovely afternoon tea served.

These hospitals would certainly make childbirth less painful, and perhaps even enviable if this luxury care is offered.

Most impressive are the decadent menus served at these royal-approved hospitals.

While it is not known exactly what the royals ate, it is likely they were offered some luxurious treats.

New mothers can be treated to celebratory champagne on ice and the Queen’s favourite afternoon tea.

Here are some of the decadent menus on offer at some of London’s most luxurious hospital suites.

Full English breakfast:

Guests at the exclusive Lindo Wing are treated to a cooked breakfast on each day of their stay.

From sausages to baked beans, fresh tomatoes, and eggs, this dining experience beats the usual toast and butter.


Lobster has appeared on the menu at the Portland hospital, where the Duchess of York also gave birth to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

However, it is unlikely that royal mothers choose this fine dining option, as shellfish is strictly forbidden from royal menus due to its risk of food poisoning.

Afternoon tea:

Afternoon tea is served every day at the Portland Hospital for new mothers and their guests to enjoy whilst recovering from birth.

All the classics feature on this tiered delight, including finger sandwiches, strawberry tarts, the Queen’s favourite dessert lemon posset, and fresh scones with clotted cream and jam.

The CEO of Portland hospital, Janene Madden, said: “What I can advocate about here is that it is like having a holiday.

“You get to use the nursery, your baby is only brought back for feeding time, so after two or three nights here you leave here feeling really fit and well and ready to face this challenge as a new mum.

“It’s how it should be.”

Champagne and strawberries:

Previously described as “just like a five-star hotel”, royal mothers delivering at St Mary’s Lindo Wing can arrange a post-birth champagne package with super sweet strawberries to toast the new arrival.

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