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8 Cheap Finds That’ll Help You Banish Counter Clutter Once and for All

The thing about clutter on your kitchen countertops is that it makes your kitchen look messier than it is. It also makes it hard to work. (You can’t easily chop up strawberries if every inch of your countertop is spoken for, can you?) So that leads us to the Million Dollar Question: How does one get rid of countertop clutter? (Short of tossing everything into a drawer or, well, the trash.) They get smart about storage!

We rounded up some of our favorite storage organizers that’ll help you keep everything you have, while also freeing up some of that valuable countertop real estate.

1. Umbra Drying Rack and Dish Mat, $15

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, there are still plenty of things we have to wash by hand. (Pots, wooden cutting boards, and knives, for example.) So you’re gonna want a dish rack that can be pulled out when you need it and put away when you don’t. This one, from Umbra, folds up nice and neatly so you don’t need to dedicate an entire cabinet to it when it’s not in use.

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2. Now Designs Tin Cake Stand, $17

We are firm believers that cake stands (or even trays) make a huge difference in the kitchen. Use one to corral your oils and salt cellar over by the stove. Or to hold your soaps and sponge over by the sink. The reason we slightly favor a cake stand over a tray here is because a cake stand elevates your items and frees up space on the counter, should you need to put anything else nearby.

3. YAMAZAKI home Dish Riser, $21

YAMAZAKI home makes some of the most stylish kitchen organizers we’ve ever seen. We’ve been writing them about for years and we STILL can’t get over them. While most other dish risers need to be hidden behind closed doors, this one is cute enough to put on your counter. Push it against your backsplash and use it (and the space underneath) to store dishes or frequently used ingredients.

4. YAMAZAKI home Plate Magnetic Spice Rack, $18

Another cute and smart find from YAMAZAKI home, this spice rack sticks to the side of your fridge and can hold all sorts of little jars that you want to get up and out of the way.

5. InterDesign Forma Paper Towel Holder, $12

While we could all probably be using fewer paper towels, we can also benefit from having them up and off our countertops. There are many organizers these days that can mount on the wall or the bottom of your upper cabinets, but we like the simplicity of this one. And its price tag.

6. Modern Innovations 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar, $18

Turns out, knife blocks aren’t great for your knives (they dull the blades every time they go in and out of their slots!). Your best bet? A magnetic knife bar, like this one, which also happens to win the “Amazon’s Choice” badge, will get your knives off the counter and onto a safe place. Plus, it can hold any other metal tools — like whisks, spatulas, and scissors — that would normally live in a utensil crock.

7. Fox Run 3-Tier Copper Hanging Fruit Basket, $14

You might not have noticed, but hanging fruit baskets are back in style! We’ve been seeing them in kitchens everywhere. Not only do we love what they can do for a kitchen aesthetically (they help draw the eye up!), but we also love that they create space literally out of thin air. Hang this up and you’ve got three little baskets for fresh fruit and produce.

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8. Purture All-Purpose Magnetic Hooks, $7 for three

How cute are these colorful magnetic hooks? Put them on your fridge door and you’ve got a space to hang your kitchen towel (no more tossing it onto your counter!) and you can even dangle a spatula or two from the others.

Do you have any organizers that helped you banish countertop clutter? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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