If You Try Only One Dessert This Winter, Make It This Massive Cookie Cake

The wintertime is filled with plenty of delicious sweet treats. Thanks to the impending holiday season, we’re sure you’ll come across a number of pumpkin pies, sugar cookies, and hot chocolate creations soon. But, if you, for some reason, could only eat one dessert this season, we suggest you make it this absolutely enormous cookie cake from Costco.

According to the Instagram account @costcobuys (which you absolutely should be following), the discount store is hiding a ridiculously massive cake made entirely out of cookie in its frozen food aisle.

Omg!! Make sure to check your Costco's freezer section for these Original Desserts Colossal Cookie! This comes in the chocolate chunk flavor…these would be a perfect everyday treat or a Thanksgiving dessert! ($7.99)

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The cake, Delish reported, is named (what else) Colossal Cookie. The package actually comes with two cookies and weighs in at nearly three full pounds of sugary delicious goodness. And it costs just $8. (The cavity fillings you’ll get from this will cost extra.)

Sadly, a Costco representative told Delish that the Colossal Cookie is currently only available in some regions. But, if you find it, you’ll be delighted by its “soft and chewy” texture along with its “decadent chocolate chunks.”

And really, Costco may want to think about releasing this product nationwide. Just taking a quick peek at the dozens of comments on the post, which include “I need this!” and “This better be in my store,” it’s clear the fans are thirsty for some cookie madness.

If you can’t find this product in stores, we can still help. Check out this recipe for cookie cake that puts any leftover candy you have to really good use. To make it even more delicious (and seasonal), try adding a bit of peppermint whipped cream on top. Trust us, your dessert will be the best in town.

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