Watch the World’s First Latte Art Animation

In our lifetime, we have seen amazing strides in the field of latte foam. Believe it or not, latte art wasn’t even really a thing until the late 1980s and early 1990s, when David Schomer started popularizing the fledgling art form at Espresso Vivace in Seattle. Back then, people were perfectly content with a little foam heart—a design that is met nowadays with an indifferent shrug.

Now, just a couple decades later, a Japanese company has created what they claim is “the world’s first latte art animation”—or “latte motion,” as they call it—created from a thousand lattes.

The animation, made by Ajinomoto General Foods, tells the heartwarming tale of two lattes that fall in love and have a latte baby and then grow old while their child grows up to find love of her own—which is like, come on…just drink your latte. It’s getting super cold!

Full disclosure: The animators used stencils to create their work, meaning latte art purists will probably be a bit disappointed. However, if you find yourself unimpressed, there’s also a “making of” video to prove that making a thousand cups of latte isn’t as easy as it seems.

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