Want a Free Beer? Just Scream

Just north of the Vermont border a Quebec brewery has a great way for you to blow off some steam and get a cold beer at the same time. Farnham Ale and Lager, a new Canadian brewery that opened just three years ago, set up a vending machine that dispenses free beer of varying types depending on how loud you scream. The machine, created jointly by Farnham and creative agency LG2, measures your decibel level and spits out a beer that has a bitterness which correlates to your scream—the louder you yell, the more bitter you are and the more likely you will be to get a double IPA.

The machine undoubtedly will not be a permanent fixture, but that doesn’t mean this whole scream for beer thing can’t be a success. If it works for toddlers, why can’t it work craft beer drinkers? 

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