These Bottles Of Coke Will Become Slushies Before Your Very Eyes

Whether you call it a slushy, an ICEE, a Slurpee, maybe a Squishee (for you Simpsons fans) or a “non-alcoholic cola-flavored frozen margarita,” soda slushes aren’t hard to come by. You can walk into pretty much any 7-Eleven in the country and serve yourself one in a ridiculously large cup whenever you want. But apparently, in Japan, the name of the game is taking something easy and making it even easier because, according to RocketNews24, you can now buy bottles of “self-freezing” instant Coca-Cola slushies out of a vending machine.

“Self-freezing” Cokes that turn into a slush as soon as you open them are nothing new. RocketNews24 has been talking about them since back in 2010. In 2013, Grant “The King of Random” Thompson even had a massively viral video about how to make them yourselves. The science behind these special “self-freezing” bottles isn’t that complicated: It’s all about getting the right pressure in the bottle and cooling the liquid to the right temperature.

But why DIY when someone can DI-for-you? As you can see in the video above, convenience stores in Japan now have these insta-slushies in vending machines that keep the bottles at exactly the right pressure and temperature so as soon as one pops out, all slushy lovers have to do is open and pour: A vending machine slush on-the-go.


For now in Japan, RocketNews24 says the special soda machines have only popped up in a few regions. “With the rollout still in its initial stages, there’s no news yet on when we’ll be seeing the special vending machines in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka,” the site says – though they are currently in 1000 Japanese 7-Elevens in other parts of the country.

No word on if they’ll ever come to 7-Elevens in the States. As cool as these bottles look, I’d definitely miss using those ridiculously large 7-Eleven cups.

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