The 10 Fastest-Growing Beer Destinations in America, According to Airbnb

With Oktoberfest kicking off in Munich, America has lots of beer stuff going on, too. (Not that it’s a contest or whatever.) Cities across the country continue to boast growing craft beer cultures, with beer tourism on the rise. So Airbnb collected data on the “top trending beer destinations” in the U.S., and Atlanta took the number one spot as the most-booked beer city, followed by Minneapolis, Louisville, St. Louis, Asheville, and San Diego.

The data, based on the top 50 US cities as measured by highest global traveler guest arrivals for future bookings between September to November 2018, proves that some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country are smaller cities where the food and drink culture is growing and thriving — with regards to beer, specifically. In Atlanta, Porter Beer Bar was named one of the best in the country, and the city’s craft brewery Wrecking Bar is one of our favorite on the planet. (Don’t miss the corn pups OR the beef heart tartines.)

And we’re not surprised Minneapolis, considered one of the top ten beer cities in the country, follows close behind. That whole neck of the woods has so much going on, we had to design a Midwest Brewery Roadtrip to do it justice. (If you’re on the West Coast, we highly suggest planning a weekend around San Diego’s beer scene. Here’s a good itinerary.) 

See the full list below, ranked by growth:

  1. Atlanta, GA (93%)
  2. Minneapolis, MN (90%)
  3. Louisville, KY (85%)
  4. St. Louis, MO (78%)
  5. Asheville, NC (75%)
  6. San Diego, CA (69%)
  7. Portland, ME (62%)
  8. Boston, MA (58%)
  9. Austin, TX (52%)
  10. Nashville, TN (50%)

If beer tourism isn’t really your thing, maybe wine tourism is? Travelers are increasingly organizing their travel around wine —vineyard visits, tastings, wine dinners, and more. And we think that’s beautiful. 

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