Genius Invents Claw Game That Grabs Beers Instead of Lame Stuffed Animals

Full disclosure: Claw machines are my favorite type of arcade game. Now, I’m sure some of the savvier among you are thinking, “But Mike, those things are totally rigged. They’re for suckers!” And yes, for most claw games, you’re right: The claw can be programmed to only hold a grip once in a while, establishing a regular prize payout. For me, that’s actually part of the allure. I want to learn the tricks necessary to beat the man.

But Australian Mark Herbert decided to say to hell with the man altogether, making a claw machine on his own terms: one where he determines the rules. Rule #1: His claw machine won’t be filled with cheapo stuffed animals or basketballs with the Red Sox’s logo on them. (That’s an actual claw game prize I’ve won, by the way.) Instead, the prizes in Herbert’s claw machine are cans of beer.

Originally posted last week to a Facebook group named “Aussie Man Caves,” you can see the machine, branded in the green of Aussie beer Victoria Bitter, in action. Sadly, in the video, we only see the claw picking up empty cans, but Herbert claims, “Yes it does pick up full cans!” That’s my kind of claw machine.

He also mentions that his invention “will be listed on ebay very soon, just a few minor things to finish it.” Yeah, if anyone is looking for a holiday gift for me, you may want to bookmark Australian eBay, right now.

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