Dogfish Head’s Next Beer Experiment Comes with Experimental Music

Following a performance for Dogfish Head at its newly expanded brewery last year, musician Julianna Barwick  began working on a mini album using ambient sounds recorded inside different parts of the brewery, “tracing the creation of a beer.” You can now hear one of the tracks from the album, which is scheduled for a June 6 release along with a limited edition batch of 1,000 six-packs of Rosabi, a new wasabi-powered IPA. This project continues the Dogfish Head tradition of both interesting collaborations (Rhizing Bines, Golden Revolution) and musically inspired brews (Bitches Brew, Pearl Jam’s Faithful Ale). 

After the initial push, Rosabi will be available in 750 ml bottles. As for Barwick’s album, also called Rosabi, it will be available digitally starting June 3. 

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