‘Beer Golf’ Is Beer Pong’s Sophisticated Older Brother

Jimmy Fallon has proved that celebrity beer pong can pass for late night entertainment. So surely celebrity beer golf can make for an acceptable YouTube video.

If you had never heard of “beer golf” before, as I hadn’t (at least in this form), the good news is that it is as self-explanatory as you can hope. The rules are similar to those of beer pong, except that instead of placing six cups in a pyramid shape and lobbing ping pong balls at them, you use full pitchers of beer and then attempt to chip golf balls in.

As an outtake for the YouTube series Celebrities in Golf Carts, host Mark Willard challenged Brian Baumgartner, best known for playing Kevin on The Office, to just such a beer golf competition. For non-golf fans, people chipping balls at beer pitcher might not sound like an athletic event they would normally watch, but the battle is actually quite evenly matched. I finished the video with a definite feeling of “well, now I want to try beer golf.” Even the people over at Golf Digest hadn’t seen beer golf played this way before, meaning it could be a game changer – assuming you’re able to hunt down 12 plastic beer pitchers… Not as easy as finding a sleeve of red Solo cups.

But there are other cool takeaways. First, apparently golf balls float on beer – meaning my golf game would be greatly improved if water hazards were replaced with beer hazards. And second, it’s good to see that rich white dudes have a new drinking game. Seriously, frat parties at Stanford just got so much better.

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