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This Deal on Breakfast Sandwiches at Wawa Is the Greatest Thing to Happen to Breakfast

Wawa is selling two of its Sizzli breakfast sandwiches—any two, you can mix and match—for only $3.33, and we are quickly becoming addicted. The legendary, Philadelphia-area convenience store is known well in a growing number of states and cities on the East Coast for its touch-screen order, fully-customized hoagies (because that’s how they say it in Philadelphia), a steal at less than $6 for an overstuffed, 10-inch sub.

With more than 700 stores as far north as New Jersey (so close to New York City, in some cases, you can see the Manhattan skyline) and as far south as Florida’s Gulf Coast, Wawa is more than a little bit ready to try and win over new fans of its quick-serve breakfasts.

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Offered from 5 a.m to 11 a.m each morning, the Sizzli sandwiches are made up of things like perfectly-seasoned sausage patties, proper white cheddar, a nicely soft, surprisingly tasty mini-omelette of sorts, regional favorites like pork roll (low sodium dieters, don’t even think about it) and bacon. Clever, compact croissants, very decent (for up north) biscuits, bagels and English muffins are your choices. (They’re all pretty good; try whatever you’d normally get anywhere else, if it’s your first visit.)

A special kitchen—often found right next to the hoagie counter—is in charge of making and assembling the sandwiches, which are sold up at checkout. In most stores, there’s little danger of them dying under heat lamps; early in the morning, don’t be surprised to see small groups of customers, hanging around patiently by the cashiers with their coffee, waiting for the next batch of sandwiches to come out.

How does a Wawa Sizzli compare to its competitors? Let’s just say, if you have a choice between here and Dunkin Donuts, go here, instead—even if they were offered at the same price (and they’re not), Wawa will typically win, hands down, on flavor, quality and appearance. Starbucks sandwiches are okay, really, if you’re into overpaying something that isn’t much better than its fast food equivalent; Egg McMuffin fans might have a harder time breaking free of McDonald’s and its now rather ubiquitous two-for-$4 deal—at least, anyway, until they make their first morning visit to Wawa. (Yes. Wawa is better.)

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