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The Best Thing to Buy at Urban Outfitters for People Who Love Breakfast

Let’s say you’ve been out shopping for six hours and your last stop is Urban Outfitters. It’s packed with people trying on frocks and knit caps and whatnot. Kids on leashes are screaming at parents, parents are screaming at their leashed kids. The PA system is playing that SZA song you like, but you don’t like it enough to want to stay any longer. It’s a candle-scented madhouse and you need to get out of there before you have a holiday-shopping panic attack. But you can’t leave empty-handed—you came all this way and suffered so much. It’s crucial that you cross at least one gift off your list.

There has to be at least one person on your list who’s a breakfast freak. Someone who happily poaches a dozen eggs for the entire family, who waits in line for the latest hyped “It” baked good. So here’s what you do: Go to the area where they sell books and find the Extra Crispy breakfast book. As we’ve been saying, it’s a lovely compendium of recipes, personal essays, and how to’s. Basically it’s a cookbook with loads of delightful extras. Your breakfast-obsessed cousin/coworker/ex you’re still friends with enough to buy a gift for will cherish this beautiful book.

The best part is that we partnered with Urban Outfitters to produce a special edition of the cookbook with a millennial pink cover. The first edition’s cover is yellow because that’s our brand’s color and, you know, yolks, but this pink one may look better? I don’t know, you love all your babies. The limited release edition is only available at Urban Outfitters, folks, and who knows? Years from now, food hypebeasts of the future could be dying to own this thing. This is like a late-’90s Supreme t-shirt in cookbook form. Buy the book and everyone wins: your pal/dad/boss’s boss you maybe shouldn’t buy a gift because it’s weird and political but you want to anyway gets the breakfast book of their dreams, and you get to leave a crowded Urban Outfitters feeling accomplished. You can also get it online. Happy holidays, and happy breakfasting.

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