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How to Make the Protein-Packed Breakfast Mindy Kaling and Jessica Alba Love

The easiest way out of a food rut? Steal your friends’ favorite recipes. That’s what Mindy Kaling did last weekend when she copied Jessica Alba’s “dope breakfast sandwich,” made with broccoli, grape tomatoes, turkey bacon, and flaxseed bread (yum).

Lucky for us, The Mindy Project star—who is pregnant with her first child—shared step-by-step snapshots of the prep process in an Instagram Story, so we can replicate Alba’s quick-and-portable brekky too.

To start, wash the broccoli florets and grape tomatoes; then slice the tomatoes in half. These veggies offer up a good dose of nutrients to help you power through your morning. Tomatoes are packed with the antioxidant lycopene and immune-boosting vitamin C, while broccoli is rich in belly-filling fiber.

Next, sauté the veggies and fry up some turkey bacon. Turkey bacon provides a protein boost, but contains less fat than its pork counterpart.

The final step: fry an egg without breaking the yolk. Kaling admits she failed at this one. “I broke the yolk instantly And it was very humbling,” she wrote. But we all know practice makes perfect when it comes to cooking eggs.

Arrange all the cooked ingredients on two slices of flaxseed bread, open-face style. And voilà: a healthier take on the classic bacon-egg-and-cheese sammy. Thanks, Mindy (and Jessica)!

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